A Sacred Journey in Water's Healing Embrace

Offer yourself the opportunity to return and surrender to your sacred fluid nature, gifting your nervous system—and entire being— with permission to be fully restored to a state of unconditional trust and presence, either in an individual session or a small community gathering. Whether floating and flowing while safely held, or playfully interacting with others, submerge your precious being into a sanctuary of womb temperature water, allowing yourself to effortlessly surrender and be nurtured back into wholeness.

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John Delaplaine
Somatic Guide and Facilitator


John Delaplaine is passionate about creating sacred spaces for awareness-expanding experiences, while always holding trust, safety, attunement and consent as paramount. He has been dedicated to exploring somatic and ceremonial healing modalities— especially within the vital context of human connection—for well over 20 years, and chooses the element of water as his primary container to work, heal and play in. As a trauma-informed guide, the care and commitment he brings to guiding and supporting others into and through their own unique, healing journeys shines through every offering he brings forth, whether in one on one individual sessions, consciousness raising festivals such as Soul Play, or in regular community events throughout Northern California, Hawaii and beyond.


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