Vocal Sound & Whale Emersion in warm water (May 5)

Event Date:

May 5, 2024

Event Time:

10:00 am

Event Location:

Location details will be sent in your ticket confirmation email as well as in a reminder email that will be sent out the day before the event, but know at least that the pool is near Thomas Fogarty Winery on Skyline in the hills of Woodside (about 1hr from Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Cruz)

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I believe we carry the ability to heal ourselves with our voice. I will guide you to open your voice for deep inner transformation.
The whales told me years ago that there sounds heard above land would open the hearts of humanity.
We will immerse ourselves in warm waters and do guided exercises with ourselves to open our voice. Then we will do some group exercises to make sounds together along with the sounds of the whales. Then we will partner up and do a sort of Watsu experience for each other while I do a live sound journey with the whale sounds going into the water with under water speakers. After that we will go into Aqua danceing guided by Kelly Fish n John.


  • ~ 10 AM Arrival
    • ~ Warm Pool
    • ~ Vocal sound exercises
    • ~ Group sound exploration
    • ~ Live sound journey
    • ~ Partner Floating and connecting with whale sounds
    • ~ Break
    • ~ Water dance
  • ~ 5-7pm Dinner and closing

Sam David

A Shamanic Sound Healer

Sam is not your typical sound healing musician, as he is more of a “sound shaman” with an unparalleled mastery of a large range of sounds with his voice and sacred instruments including the Didgeridoo, Native drums, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, and other unique instruments like the Crystal pyramids. Sam was born in Hawaii and has traveled the world sharing the activating and healing power of sound for over 25 years. His vocals and sounds are channeled based on the energy he senses intuitively from the people and the space around him, with an intention for healing. He integrates powerful healing techniques from many different cultures including Tuvin throat singing, Tibetan monks, Native American sounds, Celtic Hymns, Vocal overtones and much more including the sounds of Whales of the deep.

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