Living Waters: A 10-Day Residency for Aquatic Exploration

Event Date:

April 17, 2024

Event Time:

9:00 am

Event Location:

Location details will be sent in your ticket confirmation email as well as in a reminder email that will be sent out the day before the event, but know at least that the location is near Thomas Fogarty Winery on Skyline in the hills of Woodside (about 1hr from Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Cruz)

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Immerse yourself in the transformative world of aquatic practices with Living Waters. This unique program is designed to instill a deep connection and unwavering confidence in your relationship with the water, allowing you to unlock the power of somatic expertise and embark on a journey of personal growth.
Living Waters is beyond an aquatic experience; it’s an opportunity to ”aquatize’ yourself and your practices. Through immersive exploration and hands-on research, you’ll uncover the profound healing properties of water medicine. It is a warm water lab for co-creation and discovery of what is possible in the realm of liquid group experiences.
 During this residency, you’ll connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for water and somatic practices – movers, somatic explorers, healers, and space holders, interweaving our unique skills and talents to learn from one another.
 Join Living Waters and dive into a world of endless possibilities.
Our webpage is up with a link to the Residency Application!
Our lowest-tier prices are available through February 14th!
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