Aquatic Erot!c – A Warm Water Date Night Event (April 1)

Event Date:

April 1, 2023

Event Time:

3:00 pm

Event Location:

Location details will be sent in your ticket confirmation email as well as in a reminder email that will be sent out the day before the event, but know at least that the pool is in Oakland.

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Hello Family,
What a blessing it is to witness the movement community gather this last year! So many of you were ready to return to the water as family and we couldn’t be more excited. We know it’s easy for life to get busy and creating time to connect with your partner(s) can get tight, so we created a container just for you and you loves!
We invite you to join us in a deep dive aquatic practice of intimacy and heart-forward connection. This is your opportunity to hone in your skills and give yourself the spaciousness to really drop into your aquatic body together with your partner(s).
Join us in an intentional, warm water container where presence to Self and your partner(s) is at the forefront all in a space of zero gravity & human connection.
What Is It:
A space to explore the edges and dance in the tantric waves, join us for an evening of exploration. Move in ecstasy, embodying your Sensual, embodying your Sacred in divine connection to Self and your Union. Release gravity as you swim in surrender and undulate in erot!c liberation embracing your true turn on. Dive deep together as we explore the present in curiosity and invite the field of expression free from judgment. Due to the nature of this event, at this time this is a partnered workshop; we invite all couples and polycules to join us.
This is a come with your partner(S) event, no experience needed.
Epic soundtracks in a womb temperature pool.
With John Delaplaine & Stell Bahrami
Oakland, CA
A backyard oasis in the Oakland
Address: sent after registration

* This event is highly attendee focused with very limited space
What To Expect:
-A deep dive into various aquatic practices like aquatic dance and aquatic massage all focused on partner(s) connection
-Land and water techniques that focus on embodiment, authenticity and presence to deepen your heart connection
-An Afternoon/Evening with your new aquatic family finishing with a share ‘pot luck’ style meal
-Space for your nervous system to land knowing you are welcome and celebrated in your authenticity exactly as you are
What You Get:
-Mindful instruction on water techniques
-An afternoon/evening of practice and play with your loves
-A space to dive deeper into connection with your parnter(s)
-Somatic connection teachings
-Your own nose clip to take home
-Aquatic dance teachings
-Aquatic massage teachings
-Embodiment practices
-Breath work-techniques
-Impactful somatic consent and boundary work
-Grounding exercises
-Nervous system regulation
-Become part of our aquatic community
How Do I Know If This Is For Me?
– You are feeling the call to deeper embodiment
– You want a container to explore your authentic Self in movement with your partner(S)
– You value consent and boundaries and the co-creation of community
– You love to move your body and re-discover new somatic and emotional pathways towards a deeper and more open you or you want to begin such a practice
– You want to hone in your somatic attunement with Self and others
– You want to rediscover new ways of connection with your partner(S) and enjoy an outdoor space for this
– You want to get out of your head and into your body
– You want to re-set yourself as you reconnect with inspiration, purpose and Magik
Your Hosts:
.:. Stell Bahrami, Founder of RE-Kinnect & Liquid Presence
.:. John Delaplaine, Founder of Fluid Immersions and Liquid Contact
Meet the Facilitators:
Stell Bahrami:
Lifelong student of Water, Stell Bahrami(They/Them) is the Founder of RE-Kinnect, Liquid Presence, and is an Erotic Empowerment Coach. Their work focuses on connection, empowerment, authenticity, & embodiment to guide you into deeper connection with yourself & others in purpose, fulfillment, & meaning.
With a wholistic and integrative approach, Stell enjoys working with modalities that incorporate presence, listening, embodiment, and authentic expression. Whether it is helping you RE-Kinnect to your empowered Self, deepen in relation to others, build your inner-leader on horseback or community or liquify into presence in water, Stell is here to support you soften into your liquid nature, reignite your connection to Self, and act from your authentic empowerment.
John Delaplaine:
John Delaplaine is passionate about creating sacred spaces for awareness-expanding experiences, while always holding trust, safety, attunement and consent as paramount. He has been dedicated to exploring somatic and ceremonial healing modalities— especially within the vital context of human connection—for well over 20 years, and chooses the element of water as his primary container to work, heal and play in. As a trauma-informed guide, the care and commitment he brings to guiding and supporting others into and through their own unique, healing journeys shines through every offering he brings forth, whether in one on one individual sessions, consciousness raising festivals such as Soul Play, or in regular community events throughout Northern California, Hawaii and beyond.
What Others Have Said After Attending our Workshops:
“It was a wonderful workshop, and I walked away feeling full and complete. Thank you, John and Stell. I will definitely come back for more events and invite friends to join.”
“I really appreciate Stell and John’s ability to create a safe container for exploration and play.”
“I attend a lot of spirit energy altering events, from all night fire circles to ecstatic dance, to hikes with guided meditation, but none gave me the unique experience of Liquid Presence. I am deeply attracted to both fire and water, but I haven’t directly and physically engaged with water like I have with fire. With guidance from the facilitators, I was able to get into a mindset that allowed me to relax into the realm of water and to learn to breathe and move with it. The experience had me quickly trancing and traveling once the jam started, and there was a sense of deep connection, a sense of instinctual primal belonging, and eroticism from the vulnerability and genderless nature of water. Totally penetrating, and yet supportive. I will do this again.”
“It’s a great experience of deep connection within, with my partner, surrendering, and exploration.”
“I really loved being given the space to be sensual with my partner in the water”
“I had a lovely time. The facilitators created a safe container and made a magical evening”
“Wow! Just…WOW! What an incredible event! Deeply connected tonight with myself, the water, my community, and even my fears, all while experiencing sweet intimacy, playfulness, euphoria, and peace. My body is relaxed and my heart is full.”
“A lovely, divine, healing experience. I can’t wait to experience it again!”
“The facilitators of the jam were both very pleasant and thorough, nice inviting and comforting energy. crucial information was shared in such a way that it seemed to me both not boring to those familiar and also fundamental and supportive to the newbies. it is an intimate experience with lots of potential energetic emotional ‘risk’ i think that this was well acknowledged and attended to”
“Astounding process into ecstasy and fun and connection:
Beautifully facilitated and guided!”
“I attended an aquatic workshop with John and Stell in a beautiful backyard Oasis in Oakland. From being greeted with enthusiasm from Roxy and Stell at the door, the timing of the full moon, torches, ecstatic choice of music above and below water really facilitated a calm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Both of their extremely friendly and gentle demeanor set a beautiful tone of welcoming, inclusiveness, and a fantastic safety container for this type of event. I loved every moment!”
“Loved the way this event was guided from start to finish! Safe, consensual space and connection was gently and clearly established, with an excellent variety of skills and tools offered, along with compass-setting attitudes. Very warm and friendly, with helpful structures to allow for maximum freedom and self-responsibility!”
“This was my 2nd experience in the water with Stell and John. They both are so in tune to the other that the event is wonderfully coordinated with mini demos and instructions. Each one has a very gentle presence which I find very grounding.Their own individual personalities have a sweet way of holding space including a safe container for each individual to explore themselves in the water”
“This event was amazing! The facilitators were able to create an incredibly safe container, provide focused instruction and allow magic to unfold. I was surprised by the breadth and depth of feelings and emotions I experienced during the event. It’s not easy to describe – but it is very easy to recommend! More please!”
“It was a wonderful workshop, and I walked away feeling full and complete. Thank you, John and Stell. I will definitely come back for more events and invite friends to join.”

Event Timelines

Aquatic Erot!c Schedule:

Important * Notes:

***This is a closed container workshop: doors open at 3pm and doors CLOSE at 3:30pm in order to respect everyone’s time and energy***


- Food: Pot luck dinner, bring a heartfelt dish to share with your aquatic family

- Hydration: Bring your non-glass water container

- Digestion: Eat a light lunch 1.5+ hours beforehand

- Clothing: Swimsuits and land clothing required

- Showers: Showers required before entering the pool


If you have been around large groups, risky containers, or are not feeling well, please take an at home test and/or consider staying home. Transmission risks in this container are pretty low but let's do our best to keep each other safe.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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