Aguahara Level 1 “Initiation”

Event Date:

April 8, 2024

Event Time:

9:00 am

Event Location:

Location details will be sent in your ticket confirmation email as well as in a reminder email that will be sent out the day before the event, but know at least that the location is near Thomas Fogarty Winery on Skyline in the hills of Woodside (about 1hr from Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Cruz)

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Join us for the first ever Aguahara training in the USA with its founder Alex Siebenstern!
At the Inner Sanctum in Woodside, CA
This 7-day, 45 hour residential aquatic bodywork training will empower participants with the confidence to safely float another body in warm water. Students will learn transitions, build a technical vocabulary, and receive an introduction to underwater work.
Aguahara offers you the experience to connect to the water in a very personal way and allows you to draw from these experiences to bring healing and practical benefits to all aspects of life.
Aguahara is unique in the field of aquatic bodywork due to its free-flowing and creative nature (as opposed to following a predetermined sequence of moves). Practitioners are taught to deeply attune to the body & water they are working with and use their “vocabulary” of moves intuitively, making each session highly unique
Our lowest-tier prices are available through February 14th!

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