Liquid Contact ~ A Warm Water Playshop and Jam followed by a Hot Meal around the Fire in the heart of the Natural World

We are so excited that you will be joining us for Liquid Contact

The intention for the gathering is to have a fun, playful, energetic and yet very dropped-in vibe. We encourage and invite you to give yourself extra time to enjoy the beautiful drive to this epic property and to arrive feeling relaxed and spacious.

Directions to the venue and everything you need to know and bring are outlined below.

Date and time - Sun at 2:00PM


  • ~ 2 PM Arrival, check-in, drop-in and connect
    • Opening circle
    • Guided Aquatic Exploration with Kellyfish & John Delaplaine
    • Liquid Contact Jam
    • Reflections
    • Dinner around the fire (vegetarian & vegan options provided)
  •  ~ 8-ish Community clean up and closing circle

LOCATION: 33 Langley hill Rd, Woodside, Ca. 95044

Note - Google maps takes you past our driveway so please read below carefully

If you have an iPhone:
Please use Apple Maps as it will bring you right to the house - just use the address above

If you can not use Apple Maps - Use the following directions with Google Maps:

  • Use the address above and follow your GPS to Rapley Ranch Rd.
  • Once you turn on Rapley Ranch Rd, forget your GPS and Follow the signs to Close De La Tech winery
  • After you turn left on Fern Hollow Rd where the road turns to asphalt, watch for our address sign “33 Langley Hill Rd” next to an orange cone which is to the left of the next winery sign.
  • Turn left and come up the dirt driveway until you see the big A-frame house on your left

Note - If you reached the winery, you passed us so just turn around and look for the sign and the orange cone at our driveway on your right just after the large green power box.

Please arrive on time. You need time to park and we need time to check you in and go over a few venue details & have you shower before we start so please do what you need to do to arrive on time.

Note - we do not have outdoor showers setup yet so if possible please shower just before you came and please arrive scent, oil and lotion free

Health Mindfulness:

If you have been around large groups, risky containers, or are not feeling well, please take a covid test and/or consider staying home. Transmission risks in this container are pretty low but let's do our best to keep each other safe.

We are so looking forward to seeing you in the warm waters of this sweet little sanctuary!

What to bring:

  • A bathing suit or alternate clothing that is comfortable and non-restrictive - the pool is kept warm at 97-98 degrees
  • A towel
  • A robe can be nice but optional
  • Flip flops for the shower and yard.
  • A water bottle - you can get dehydrated in the pool and hydration is important for a relaxed body.
  • Some warm and cozy cloths to change into for our meal around the fire