Aquatic Erot!c Community Guidelines


What is Aquatic Erot!c?

Aquatic Erot!c is space to explore the edges and dance in the tantric waves, join us for erot!c exploration.  Move in ecstasy, embodying your Sensual, embodying your Sacred in divine connection to Self and your Union.  Release gravity as you swim in surrender and undulate in erot!c liberation embracing your true turn on.  Dive deep together as we explore the present in curiosity and invite the field of expression free from judgment.  Due to the nature of this event, at this time this is a partnered workshop; we invite all couples and polycules to join us.

We are excited to join in the deepening of human connection in co-creation with you!  With this type of connection comes responsibility so we can play and interact in ways that create the space to consider all.  For this reason we ask that you familiarize yourself with the information on this page and find your 'yes' to the agreements below.


Community co-creation

Due to the nature of this event it is very possible that a situation or moment of discomfort, fear, sadness, confusion, anger or other strong emotion may arise.  The intention of this container is to offer a space where all are welcome as they are, free from judgment and shame/shaming.  Together we get to co-create the container of support and connection and cultivate a shared innerstanding and resilience.  All participants are encouraged to spread awareness about consent.  If you are witness to a possible consent incident you are encouraged to check in with them if it is within your capacity, this starts with asking if they would like your support and responding accordingly.

Aquatic Erot!c is not a sex party and is not focused on sexuality but instead on connection, care and choice while playing in the realms of the erot!c.  While the space is sex positive in nature, it is very possible that not all participants are interested in exploring this.  We welcome the variety of interests, the boundaries each Self brings and encourage everyone to embrace their own experience. This may mean taking a moment to Self or modifying an exercise; It also means that each proposal is an invitation and not a command.  In this way each Self may best meet their individual needs and look out for themselves while looking out for others and the community as well.


We ask that you find your 'yes' to these to help co-create the container

By attending Aquatic Erot!c you are consenting to participating in a space where erot!cism will be present. You and all other participants, organizers and assistants are invited to voice potential discomfort about the acts of others if they or the space are being affected by them but this does not necessarily mean the actions will stop nor that the actions or doers of the actions are wrong. We encourage you to take care of yourself and sometimes this may mean removing yourself from the situation or asking for help, we are here to support you.

We strive to hold awareness around social identities and power dynamics and to support everyone in these contexts.  We are available to hear any questions or concerns and prioritize responding with transparency and attentiveness.

We ask that each participant agrees to the following before entering the container:

  1. I agree to listen to myself and my inner-knowing first and foremost and take care of myself while looking out for and considering others and that I have choice and sovereignty and am responsible for my own experience

  2. I agree to treat everyone as equal, this includes but is not limited to when asking for consent and hearing boundaries

  3. I agree to strive to leave all connections I make in this event more cared for than I found them.

  4. I agree to put forth the energy to heal any harm or discomfort I purposefully or inadvertently create during this event

  5. I agree that I am aware that it is available to me to ask for support at any time during or after this event.

  6. I agree to keep confidential the names/experiences of others who attend this event

  7. I agree that this is not a space for shaming of others nor myself

  8. I agree that the only yes that means yes is a 100% yes and that no and maybe mean no

  9. I agree that consent can be revoked at ANY time for ANY reason and that prior consent does not mean future assumed consent

  10. I agree that this is a sober event

  11. I agree this is not a space for penetration and genital touch

** We'll see you in the water! **